Liberal Democrats Local Elections Success

The 2nd May 2019 saw one of the largest quantities of local elections across the country for a long time, and Surrey was no exception. People turned out to elect their new local councillors, and it was a great success for the Liberal Democrats in Surrey. There were 110 Liberal Democrat Councillor...

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Membership surge ahead of Euro elections

The Liberal Democrats have confirmed over two thousand people joined the party in the days after the party’s best ever gains of Councillors in local elections. This surge in membership shows that more and more people have had enough of the national embarrassment Brexit has become. They deserve be...

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Lib Dems: It’s time for a compulsory levy on gambling firms

The Liberal Democrats have today renewed calls for a compulsory levy on gambling firms following GambleAware’s announcement that the 2018/2019 voluntary levy has raised less than the minimum £10 million asked for.The Liberal Democrats have long argued a compulsory levy should pay towards the cost...

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Local Elections Morning Bulletin

The results we have seen so far show that the Liberal Democrats are the story of the night. We are the big winners in these elections. The momentum is right with us and people have backed us in large numbers; winning councils and councillors across the country in our best results in over 15 years...

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Local Elections

Liberal Democrats across the country are fighting a positive campaign to build on the track record of Lib Dem councillors, councils and Mayors of listening, working hard and getting things done for their residents.  Residents have the right to expect well-funded frontline services that work for t...

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South East Region exists to carry out campaigns activities, offer support to our parliamentary members, provide training and mentoring for our dedicated activists. We also co-ordinate voluntary efforts across the region and run an annual conference for all SE members.

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