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Shocking figures show 79.97% burglaries in Sussex going unsolved

New Home Office statistics have revealed that a shocking 4,093 burglaries went unsolved across Sussex in the year ending June 2023.

This is equivalent to 11 burglaries going unsolved in Sussex every single day.

Meanwhile, just 254 cases resulted in a suspect being charged or summonsed in the same time period - accounting for 4.96% of all burglaries in Sussex.

Sussex’s Liberal Democrats have slammed the Conservative Government for these figures, arguing that years of ineffective resourcing have left local forces overstretched and unable to focus on crimes like burglaries.

This includes taking over 4,500 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) off the streets since 2015, and assigning just 12% of officers to neighbourhood policing teams.

The party is calling for a new “Burglary Response Guarantee,” under which all domestic burglaries would be attended by the police and properly investigated.

This would be accompanied by a return to proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and focused on tackling neighbourhood crime.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Sussex Jamie Bennett said:

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes and confident that if they are burgled, the criminal will swiftly face justice. It’s hard for people in Sussex to feel that confidence, thanks to these shocking figures.

“Yet again, this Conservative Government are failing to even get the basics right on cutting crime. It’s a shame that our communities are paying the price.

“People in Sussex deserve better - which is why the Liberal Democrats will keep fighting to restore proper community policing and implement our Burglary Response Guarantee. It’s the only way to bring an end to this shameful burglar bailout.”


More and More people are backing Jamie to become the next Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

Local Rustington Resident and parish Councillor Pauline Gregory said " Jamie and I have worked together closely on both the Parish and District Councils over the past few years. 
Jamie is passionate to demonstrate his keenness to deliver value for money with a better and fairer deal for Sussex. Jamie’s aim is to bring back community policing, remove drugs from our streets and cut county lines.  I fully support and endorse Jamie as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.


The number of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) on the streets has fallen dramatically by 27.8% since 2015.

Analysis of new Home Office statistics commissioned by the Liberal Democrats from the House of Commons Library has shown the drastic cuts to PCSOs in Sussex.

A total of 234 full-time equivalent PCSOs were employed in Sussex as of September 2022. This is in stark contrast to the 325 that were employed in March 2015 - meaning there have been 91 PCSOs cut from Sussex Police in that time.

The Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservative Government of letting communities in Sussex down by taking Police Community Support Officers off the streets, leading to more crimes going unsolved and victims going without justice

The same trend is being seen up and down the country, with the number of active PCSOs falling by an average of 33% in England and Wales since 2015. Nationally, England and Wales have lost 4,068 PCSOs since 2015.

Jamie Bennett has slammed the Conservatives for this move, which means that less police officers are visible on the streets, building relationships - and trust - with local people. The party has called for a return to proper community policing.

Responding to the figures, Jamie Bennett, Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Sussex, said:

“These shocking figures prove that Conservative Ministers are yet again failing to prevent crime in Sussex. They should be ashamed.
“Police Community Support Officers play a vital role in keeping our communities safe. The Government should be empowering them to do their job, not slashing their numbers into oblivion.”

“Liberal Democrats are calling for a return to proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and known personally to local people. We will build communities where people are safe - and feel safe, too.”


Car thieves “getting away with it” as just 2% charged

Sussex’s Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservatives of letting their communities down as new analysis reveals that just 2% of car thefts in Sussex result in a charge.

Analysis of official Home Office data by the Liberal Democrats has revealed that In the first three quarters of 2022, 1468 car thefts were reported in Sussex. Only 29 cases resulted in a charge or summons.

Meanwhile, 1,033 cases were closed without a suspect being identified - equivalent to 4 car thefts going unsolved every day.

National figures paint a similarly grim picture, with only 2% of all car thefts in the first three quarters of 2022 resulting in a charge - down from 4% in that same period in 2022.

Sussex’s Liberal Democrats have slammed the Conservatives for the stark figures, after years of their cuts have left police forces overstretched and under-resourced.

The party is calling for a return to proper community policing - where officers are visible and have the time to focus on preventing and solving crimes - so that criminals can no longer act with impunity.

Commenting on the figures, Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Sussex, Jamie Bennett said:

“The Government is asleep at the wheel. Criminals are getting away with almost every car theft in Sussex - which is an outrageous failure.”

“These thieves have brought misery to our communities, and must be caught and punished. But the local police are too overstretched to actually catch the criminals. By slashing community officer numbers, the Conservatives are only benefiting the criminals.”

“We need a return to proper community policing, with visible officers who are preventing and tackling crime.”


Jamie Bennett was born in Brighton, grew up in East Sussex but now serves his local community as a Councillor in the Rustington area of Arun in West Sussex.

He lives with his wife Jo and their son Elliott and daughter Sophie in Littlehampton.  Jamie has 14 years of experience on Rustington Parish Council, during which time he has served as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council. Jamie also served on Arun District Council between 2019-2023.

Jamie Bennett said, “I want to bring back community policing, get drugs off our streets by cutting county lines and deliver a fairer deal for Sussex.”

“Theresa May's failed PCC experiment has been a disaster for Sussex policing.  We have seen the Police’s share of our Council Tax bills rocket, yet we have nothing to show for our money but rising crime, more drugs and fewer police on our streets.”

"As a Lib Dem Councillor in Rustington, I have seen first hand the impact of withdrawing community policing and increasing lawlessness on our streets.  These have been exacerbated by Conservative cuts to youth services, mental health, and road safety at West Sussex County Council.”

Sir Ed Davey MP with Jamie

Conservatives have cut police funding to the bone and reduced frontline services. Jamie pledges to restore police numbers to the pre 2011 numbers. Jamie will do this by reducing the cost of the PCC office and re invest this in what the public want actual police.

Stephen Lloyd and Jamie Bennett

Former Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd backs Jamie

Former Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd said, I’m absolutely delighted to endorse Jamie Bennett as Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, his dedication, integrity and commitment to residents means that were he to be elected I know he will do a fantastic job.”

Former Lewes MP Norman Baker Backs Jamie 

Former Lewes MP and Crime Prevention Minister Rt Hon Norman Baker said "I've known Jamie since he was a young lad and his passion for a truly fair country is second to none. He has already demonstrated this very clearly through his role as an elected councillor here in Sussex. We need someone as our local Police and Crime Commissioner who will always put our community first and ensure that strong policing goes hand in hand with a fair and just society.

I'll be voting for Jamie Bennett as PCC on the 2nd of May. I hope you'll join me!

Norman Baker

Published and promoted by C Gibson on behalf of J Bennett (Liberal Democrats) both at 100 Seaside Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3PF