Graham Colley for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

Campaigning for Radical Solutions to Old Problems

Graham Colley

Why vote for Graham?

A fair deal.

  •  A fair deal for residents 
  • A fair deal for all genders 
  • A fair deal for the police force 
  • A fair deal for retail workers 
  • A fair deal for YOU.
Graham Colley

About Graham

Graham is a long-time resident of Kent, living and working in Rochester as a solicitor. He is President of the Liberal Democrat Lawyers Association and used to work as a Legal Aid solicitor, so has real experience in dealing with the police, and of the issues they face in Kent.

He has spent a lifetime fighting for human rights, civil liberties and access to justice. Graham is determined to use the limited police resources in Kent to prevent crime, aid victim support and cut reoffending rates.

Graham Colley

Policing Kent: It's about caring for our Community

  • Graham believes in neighbourhood policing: 'the police are the public and the public are the police'. Local Police officers & Communities can achieve more together than on their own.

  • For the Police to work for us, we must take care of them. They must be adequately trained & rewarded for their service. Errors should be seen as opportunities for learning and not as objects of instant criticism.

  • We have to tackle crime from the roots up, using evidence of what's effective rather than misleading newsgrabbing slogans like 'Prison Works'.

Published and promoted by Lynn Ibeji on behalf of Graham Colley (Liberal Democrat) both at 155 Sturla Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5QH.