Lib Dems call for auto-enrolment ‘national information campaign’

The Liberal Democrats have called on the Government to provide the public with more information about auto-enrolment in the wake of imminent contribution rate rise.

From April this year, employees must contribute a minimum of 3 per cent of their salary, increasing to 5 per cent from next April.

While currently only around 10 per cent opt-out of auto-enrolment, the Liberal Democrats are warning that this rate could increase if workers are not prepared for a fall in their take-home pay.

Liberal Democrat work and pensions spokesman Stephen Lloyd says: “With wage growth still lagging behind inflation, it is understandable that many working people will be anxious not to see their pay fall further. But paying into a workplace pension now is a profit for the rest of your life. That’s why I’m calling on the Secretary of State to instigate a national publicity campaign to explain to workers what is happening and what the consequences of the different courses of action are.”

The party has been increasingly vocal on pensions issues in recent weeks, calling for an end to contingent charging and a faster timetable to ban cold-calling.

The Government ran an advertising campaigning featuring a cartoon monster character, Workie,  near the start of auto-enrolment, which Money Marketing revealed had a budget of nearly £50m.

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Eastbourne and Willingdon MP, Stephen Lloyd meets with the Justice Minister over Eastbourne Courts provision

I joined with key legal representatives from Eastbourne in a meeting with Justice Minister Lucy Frazer MP at the MOJ, to discuss the failure of the Courts and Tribunals Service to provide alternatives to the court once it was closed, as they had originally promised.

A couple of years ago I was profoundly disappointed to see that the government had decided to close our courtroom in Eastbourne.  I knew that such a decision would cause tremendous problems for some of the many residents of Eastbourne. Especially as during my original time as your MP I'd seen first hand the challenges faced by some of our more vulnerable neighbours. Bluntly some would struggle to find the funds to go backwards and forward to Hastings where their cases would now be heard. 

Unfortunately, it appears that the government's promise to provide alternative provision locally since the closure has not been followed through with. This is unacceptable so I challenged the government in the Chamber, demanding a meeting with the MOJ to secure a resolution. And this week we made some progress! The Minister has agreed to deliver on the past promise and now we just need to sort out the logistics.

My thanks to Rodney Warren from Warren's Law, Zoe Summers from Mayo Wynn Baxter and Stuart Grace of Lawson Lewes Blakers for raising this issue with me. Onwards and upwards.....

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Budget success for the Lib Dems at Lewes District Council

Budget success for the Liberal Democrats and their leader Sarah Osborne at Lewes district council.  All five of Lewes District Council Liberal Democrat Leader Sarah Osborne’s amendments to the Lewes District Council budget were approved with cross-party support this week. Measures include:
1) Special fund of £2.2 million to provide new temporary accommodation for homeless people
2) Introduction of on-street recycling bins
3) Feasibility study to create a trade waste recycling service for small businesses
4) A major environmental initiative to develop new standards in relation to new planning applications and building regulations which will include a range of sustainability measures such as renewable energy for new developments and 'green corridors'
5) A series of events during 2018 to celebrate the Representation of the Peoples Act 1918 where women began to get the vote for the first time. The events would also promote equality and diversity in our society.
Councillor Osborne said: “Punch and Judy politics doesn't achieve anything for the people who elected us. All Councils face huge financial and social challenges, so we must work together where we can to deliver more housing and a cleaner environment and deliver the services our residents rightly expect from us."
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Kent Liberal Democrats vote against Conservative Budget Proposals!

Out of touch Conservatives are cutting front line services to Kent's most vulnerable, despite awarding themselves a massive 15% pay rise last year. 

In today's budget debate the Conservatives at Kent County Council pushed through further service cuts and hiked council tax by an above inflation 4.99%. 

This is a gloomy picture for the people of Kent, particularly those struggling at the margins, and an even gloomier prospect for Kent residents and council tax payers in the future. 

Leader of the Opposition, Rob Bird, said: "Back in July, Kent's Conservatives showed just how out of touch they are by awarding themselves a 15% pay rise just a couple of months after the county elections. 

"This budget demonstrates that they have learnt nothing from the massive public outcry that caused, and they continue to be focused on cutting local government services when they should be investing for the future. 

"For the past seven years, Kent's Tories have tried to persuade the electorate that front-line services were not affected by the £600 million plus reduction in Central Government grants thanks to back office efficiencies, better commissioning and 'new ways of working'. The reality is very different. 

"Even with the extra monies found since the draft was published a few weeks ago, we were presented with a budget which fails to meet current needs and rising demand. It heaps up problems for future years. 

"KCC has become heavily dependent on commissioned service providers. But we have seen that we are still not getting the quality of service which residents expect from many of these providers." 

During the debate, Conservative councillors voted down all opposition budget amendments including the three proposed by the Liberal Democrats.

Rob concluded, "Yet again the Council continues to be focussed on cutting costs when it should be investing for the future. The Administration claim that it's the Government's fault. But it's a Conservative Government and a Conservative Administration; they are both still out of touch."

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FILL IN THE CONSULTATION - RE: Milton Grange and Firwood House

East Sussex County Council have now released the public consultation into their proposed closure of Milton Grange and Firwood House. You will be unsurprised to learn that it is fiendishly complicated and confusing - one of 8 different surveys - and in pretty impenetrable language frankly. I do wonder sometimes - shades of Yes Minister - if bureaucracy generally tries to make it difficult for people to express their view. In this case that both of these outstanding dementia respite, care and rehab service providers MUST be kept open.

Anyway, I’m not having that, so I’ve had one of my team read through the whole document and pull out the key Milton Grange/Firwood House section of the consultation and pasted the link below. Please do fill it in. It’s ludicrously clunky but don’t give up. Complete online, giving all necessary details of why you believe each Home should be kept open along with your address details and then send off to the County Council. It is SO important we fight these proposed closures on every front and I need as many readers of my newsletter as possible to fill in the consultation survey because if at the end of this whole process County Hall can truthfully say only a few hundred have bothered to complete the consultation, then we may have a problem. It’s the way these things work, which is why I need thousands of people to complete the consultation across Eastbourne, Willingdon and beyond. The fight to keep these two brilliant service providers open is really important for our town - so please help me keep up the pressure. The online Milton Grange/Firwood House consultation is this link: After filling it in please also ask all your friends to do the same, and for them to ask their friends locally as well. We can stop this wrongheaded proposal I am sure of it, but we will only do it by working the Eastbourne way - together!

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Stephen Lloyd MP meets with the department of health!

I met with Department of Health neo-natal and maternity Senior Policy Officers in Parliament this week joined by long-term advisor to the cross-party Save the DGH Campaign, Conservative Councillor Robert Smart. The meeting was arranged after I requested the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, agree to a meeting with Department of Health officials to discuss the Save the DGH campaign’s concerns around the levels of still-births in Eastbourne during 2016. 
It was a productive discussion and our specific request that the Department of Health secure an independent review into the worrying number of local still births will be explored. We also raised the failure of the Trust to comply with the Independent Reconfiguration Panel's decision that Consultant-led maternity services should be provided at Eastbourne as well as Hastings, along with recent performance and new evidence. 
The Officials agreed to take back to the department our requests. I will keep pressing them on this as, like, many local people I really do believe we deserve a proper independent review of our maternity services.
I would also like to thank Councillor Smart for joining me in this meeting. He has been a long-term advisor to the cross-party Save the DGH Campaign Group and his specific knowledge of NHS processes, as a former non-executive Director of the Trust, has always been very valuable and today’s meeting was no exception.

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Responding to Cllr Andrew Povey's comments on BBC Radio Surrey this morning, Cllr Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said today:

"I am pleased that Cllr Povey agrees with what the Liberal Democrats and I have been saying about Surrey County Council's finances over the last 18 months. He is right to draw attention to the criticisms of the County Council contained within CIPFA's report "Financial Resilience Review - Surrey County Council". This report was commissioned by the current Leader of the Council and was kept hidden from county councillors for months.

"He is correct in his judgement of the folly of the Leader of the Council in pursuing a doomed policy of a 15% council tax rise which was subsequently abandoned. The CIPFA report clearly stated that such a referendum was unwinnable but the Leader of the Council refused to act on their advice.

"Instead of blaming the government for lack of funding and backing an unwinnable referendum, the Conservative administration should have been working on identifying sensible efficiencies and a realistic level of deliverable savings without cutting services. It should also have acted much earlier on the many empty buildings it owns across the county, which have cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to maintain.

"Surrey County Council is in a poor financial position with no clear plan to improve the situation. Unless a solution is found, then we only have to look to Northamptonshire County Council to see the consequences of when the money eventually runs out."


A link to Cllr Povey's interview on BBC Radio Surrey can be found here (starting at 2:07:35):

A link to the CIPFA report can be found here:

Cllr Andrew Povey was Leader of Surrey County Council from 2009-11, and was elected in 2017 for the division of Cranleigh & Ewhurst.

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"Children's mental health services must improve" say Surrey Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat county councillors in Surrey have expressed their concerns over the long waiting times faced by children and young people with mental health problems in the county.

Ahead of next week's Children and Education Select Committee, where the matter is due to be discussed, Cllr Chris Botten, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Children & Education, said:

"After the fury we expressed at the last meeting in November, I am shocked to see that for many children with mental health problems waiting times for assessment can be over 160 working days (this includes children in care) and for treatment, assuming some is deemed necessary, the wait can be between 10 and 75 working days.

"This shocking state of affairs is not going to be resolved by contract managers shouting at the providers - the fact is demand for these services is going through the roof and the services are underfunded.

"Children's mental health is in my view the greatest public health crisis nationally. A child who is self-harming or suicidal will be marked by such trauma for life unless they get urgent support. In Surrey they can't always get the support they need in a timely manner and that is not good enough for our children."


The agenda for the Children and Education Select Committee meeting of 20th February 2018 can be found here (Item 6):

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Campaign launched against plans to scrap one of Maidstone's high speed train services

The campaign, which has the support of the Kent Messenger, has gained more than a thousand signatures. Services in the area will be under a new rail franchise from December and a document said bidders were given the option of running services to Abbey Wood rather than St Pancras. KM reporter Tom Pyman and KCC Lib Dem leader Councillor Rob Bird joined us in the studio to tell us more.

Click here, to watch the video.

Click here, to sign the petition.

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Martin Rose selected as Liberal Democrat candidate for Rochester West by-election

Medway Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce Martin Rose has been selected for the by-election on 8th March. Martin has lived in the area all his life, including four years in Rochester, with a strong desire to improve the quality of services in Medway.

Currently working as a public transport planning specialist in London, Martin holds degrees from the Universities of Kent and Westminster. If elected, he will use his knowledge of public transport, environmental and town planning issues to seek a better deal for people living in Rochester West.

Since joining the party just over a year ago, Martin has been active on a number of issues including our campaign to improve the quality of local mental health care, which in turn would reduce the burden on resources in the police, social services and housing.

Martin joined the party in early 2017, after becoming frustrated and concerned about the Government's dogmatic attitudes to austerity and Brexit. He passionately believes that Britain is better off in the EU. Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to give the final say to the British people in a referendum on whether to accept the deal or remain in the EU.

If you believe that Medway Council needs greater representation of pro-European views, people who will speak up for residents' rights and the need for the ports and borders to function efficiently and thus avoid holds ups on the M20 and the need for lorry parks in Kent, only the Liberal Democrats can make that case.

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