We are the only Party who truly stands for my generation

By Jasneet Samrai The party is currently on a fightback, our gains in both the Local and the European elections proving that this is the case. These results clearly indicate that our pro-EU message is a prominent one across the country. Yet, this isn’t the only thing that these results show. ...

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Lib Dems table legislation to tackle air pollution crisis

Today, for World Environment Day, Liberal Democrat Climate Change spokesperson Wera Hobhouse is tabling a bill to give local authorities more powers to issue fines to idling vehicles. The Bill will increase penalties for stationary vehicle idling offences, as well as increasing fines for those wh...

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European Elections Results Special

The Liberal Democrats have secured the best ever European Election result in the party's history, expecting to return 16 MEPs and take second place in vote share. Having run an unambiguous campaign to stop Brexit the party has made huge gains across the country, which follow the party's best ever...

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Liberal Democrats Local Elections Success

The 2nd May 2019 saw one of the largest quantities of local elections across the country for a long time, and Surrey was no exception. People turned out to elect their new local councillors, and it was a great success for the Liberal Democrats in Surrey. There were 110 Liberal Democrat Councillor...

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Membership surge ahead of Euro elections

The Liberal Democrats have confirmed over two thousand people joined the party in the days after the party’s best ever gains of Councillors in local elections. This surge in membership shows that more and more people have had enough of the national embarrassment Brexit has become. They deserve be...

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South East Region exists to carry out campaigns activities, offer support to our parliamentary members, provide training and mentoring for our dedicated activists. We also co-ordinate voluntary efforts across the region and run an annual conference for all SE members.

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