WASPi Parliamentary Ombudsman UPDATE

As regular readers of my e-newsletter will know, I recently sat down with the Parliamentary Ombudsman to discuss those issues around the age changes for women to receive their state pension. They confirmed to me they’d be beginning their preliminary procedural checks in the coming weeks, and that the key outcome available to them, if that is what's found, would be maladministration. Along with a set of recommendations which could include financial compensation. 

I’m pleased to inform you that, even more recently, I secured the commitment of my Party's Leader, Sir Vince Cable to support - as Liberal Democrat policy - whatever findings and recommendations are made by the Parliamentary Ombudsman. This is important because their conclusions are not binding. We now need to build a groundswell of political support at Westminster to ensure the Conservative government implement the Ombudsman’s conclusions in the way we have committed. 

As a Party of just 12 MPs this may not sound as though it will carry much weight in parliament but with the help of WASPi women in Eastbourne and beyond we can hopefully persuade the other political parties to do the same. So, if you know an affected WASPi woman living in a Labour, SNP or DUP constituency, I urge you to ask they write to their MP pressing them to join the Lib Dems in backing the Ombudsman's eventual recommendations. If Labour in particular join our call, as the Official Opposition, it will put the government in the spotlight and make it much harder for them to ignore the Ombudsman’s proposals.

Working together in Parliament on this will, I hope, lead to genuine progress for affected women across the United Kingdom.

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