Brexit will Damage Kent and Gravesend say Liberal Democrat MEPs, Judith Bunting and Antony Hook:

This Saturday, Gravesend shoppers are in for a Europe treat. Not one, but two Members of the European Parliament, Antony Hook and Judith Bunting, both elected to represent the South East of England, will be in town to talk with Gravesend locals about their views in Brexit and the shocking shutdown of the UK Parliament.

The campaign stand will be outside Gravesend Library, Windmill Street, Gravesend, DA12 1BE, between 10am and 2pm.  

Judith Bunting said “I am looking forward to meeting everyone in Gravesend and hearing what they think about Johnson’s shocking shut down of Parliament. This is an authoritarian power grab on U.K. democracy. Our MPs were elected to represent us. We voted for them, they are our voice in Westminster. To silence Parliament is to silence the voice of the people.”

 Antony Hook said: “The damage caused by leaving the European Union will be felt by everyone, not least the people of Gravesend.

“A big jump in the cost of the weekly shop will be felt hardest by those least able to afford it, and anyone taking regular medication will be rightly concerned about the warnings of medicine shortages.

“Whatever legitimacy the 2016 referendum had has long since expired. We have to break the parliamentary logjam by going back to the people and asking them whether they still want to leave the EU now the fantasy promises of Brexiteers have been shown to be completely undeliverable." 

If you have any questions about Europe or what happens next, please come and say Hello to Antony and Judith. They will be with the local Liberal Democrat team, including the Gravesend candidate for Westminster, Ukono Obasi. 

Antony Hook will be at the stall from 10:00 - 12:00 and Judith Bunting, who lives in Berkshire joins the team from 11:30 - 13:30.

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