Two By-Election successes last night!

Last night, Thursday, 23rd July we had some great news of South East Lib Dem success from last night.


Firstly on Elmbridge District Council in Long Ditton ward we had our first success of the night with Neil Houston, who had previously been a Councillor in Kingston, joining two other Lib Dem Councillors to help Long Ditton stay a Lib Dem ward with the full result being,

Long Ditton (Elmbridge) vote result: Turnout 32%

LDEM - 770

CON - 611

GRN - 79

UKIP – 61

And this was shortly followed up by a win in the Seaford Central ward on Seaford Town Council for Isabelle Murray who wasn’t able to vote in the May elections as she only turned 18 afterwards but has already become the newest member of the #LibDemFightback.

Seaford Central Town Council: Turnout 26%






Well done to Neil, Isabelle and both local parties and all of you who also helped to make sure that the #LibDemFightback in the South East continues to be on the up.


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