Tory scrap 15% tax rise after thousands sign Lib Dem petition

Thank you for signing the petition against Surrey County Council's proposed council tax increase of 15%. Many of you have contacted me to say that apart from the basic unfairness of the County Council passing on government cuts to residents, the 15% rise is simply not affordable for many elderly people and those on fixed incomes here in Surrey.

I am pleased to let you know that today, the county council held its annual budget meeting where the Conservatives - thanks to pressure from you and Liberal Democrat county councillors - scrapped their plans for the 15% rise, which means that the referendum will be cancelled.

However the Conservatives provided no detail as to any new funding from the government, which is urgently needed to stabilise the county's financial position. They went on to pass a budget which means £93 MILLION of unspecified cuts to Surrey services in 2017/18 plus an extra £30 MILLION of cuts that the council have not identified yet. This means that a total of £123 MILLION of cuts to services are on their way in Surrey.

Liberal Democrats in Surrey believe that only a fairer funding arrangement with central government can solve the county's financial problem, and protect vital adult social care services. It is clear to me that the Conservatives have mismanaged our finances and cannot be trusted to deliver good public services and a balanced budget.

Elections to the county council will be held in Surrey on May 4th and this is an opportunity for residents to make themselves heard about the way in which the Conservatives have mismanaged the county's finances.

Remember the Conservatives wanted to raise council tax by 15% until Liberal Democrats and Surrey residents forced them to back down.

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