Stephen Lloyd support the FairFuel campaign!

I was pleased to support the FairFuel campaign in parliament this week. They reminded me of how despite fuel tax being frozen for the last few years it is still one of the heaviest taxed fuels in the world. I was more than happy to pledge my support to their campaign as I as am well aware how many people locally rely on their car or van for work.

It was also nice to catch up again with the tv car pundit Quentin Wilson (in the photo) to discuss cars generally. I knew him from the last time I was your MP and he’d realised I was also a bit of a car buff (or certainly used to be when I had the time in the old days). In fact, and not a lot of people know this, I used to race rally cars many years ago. Ford Escort RS2000 fully prepped. I wasn’t much good, to be honest, but it was enormous fun.

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