Stephen Lloyd's Response to Chancellor's Autumn Statement

Autumn Statement - disappointing!

The new Chancellor's first Autumn Statement left important gaps and will penalise a lot of ordinary people. No mention of the NHS or the growing Social Care needs in all 72 pages of the Autumn Statement! This is despite urgent calls for additional funds for both services, which we keep hearing are in a state of financial crisis. It is astonishing that the Chancellor did not mention these core public services once.

And the bulk of George Osborne’s stringent welfare cuts are set to go ahead, including no help at all for those disabled people trying to find work, with the proposed 30% reduction to their income remaining unchanged.

I think this is simply wrong.

The Chancellor also announced an increase to 12% for all insurance premiums. In total, it means premiums have doubled since 2015 under the Conservative Government. This means the typical family will now have to pay an extra £90 a year compared to 2015.

Compare the decisions above with today's announcement that the government have said they will allocate an extra £240m in this parliament to deliver the expansion of grammar schools!

I think this is completely the wrong priority and will of course benefit the already privileged, when they could have invested the extra money to improve 'all' our schools. . 

A budget for the few in my opinion.

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