SE Region Autumn Conference, Training Day and AGM

Saturday, 21st November 2020, 10am to 4.30pm

This year the conference will be online so that we can ensure everyone stays safe.    

Speakers include our MPs Munira Wilson, Alistair Carmichael, Wera Hobhouse, Layla Moran, Sarah Olney and Jamie Stone.  There will also be training from ALDC which will include an introduction to affinity, effective videos and great emails as well as training from the HQ compliance team and a session with Mark Pack.

There is no charge to attend this year’s conference - details of how to book will be out soon. 

Nomination forms for the Regional Executive are available please email [email protected]


AGM Calling Notice for Saturday 21st November 2020:

  • Apologies
  • Minutes of the AGM (delayed to February 2020 due to the General Election 2019)

(3) Chairs Report

(4) Treasurer’s Report

(5) Report of the Chair of the Regional Candidates Committee

(6) Proposed Amendment to the SE Region Constitution: 

Article 3 Officers

Delete 3.1 a) “the President” and re-letter the subsequent parts of 3.1

 Article 4 Regional Executive

Insert 4.2 d) The Regional Executive may appoint a President to perform such duties and responsibilities and for such time period as it may from time to time determine.

Insert 4.2 e) One representative for each of the counties Kent, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex to be elected by and from a group formed with approval of the regional executive to co-ordinate activity in the county. For the purpose of this clause Local Parties in Unitary Council areas will be entitled to membership of the group in the county in which they are located and Brighton and Hove will be considered to be part of East Sussex.

Re-letter existing 4.2 d) to 4.2 f)

Proposer: Regional Executive


Article 2

amend 2.3(e) and (f) so that 'elect' becomes 'conclude the election of' and then delete 10.2 and change 10.3 to read: 'The elections of Officers, Ordinary Members of the Regional Executive, members of the Regional Candidates Committee, Regional Conference Committee and the members of the English Council and representatives on other bodies to be elected by the Regional

Conference shall conclude at the Annual General Meeting. The Regional Conference Committee shall invite nominations in the notice convening the Meeting, with a closing date 14 days before the date of the Meeting. Ballot paper shall be distributed to voting members with individual email addresses
at least 7 days before the Meeting. The ballot papers shall be returnable by the end of the Annual General Meeting, and shall be counted as soon as possible thereafter”

Proposer: D. Warren



  1. President – It is proposed to make the office of President optional at the discretion of the Executive. The Executive has noted the intention of the current President, Jamie Sharpley, not to re stand for a further term and recognised that it would difficult to replace the valuable role that he has performed by means of an elected post. There would be a danger that, having been elected by the Membership, the holder would see themselves as having the same status as the Chair with a resulting potential for conflict. It is therefore proposed to give the Executive the freedom to choose whether or not to have a President and if so what type of role they would want performed and to choose someone with the appropriate skillset.
  2. County representatives – This is a tidying amendment to formalise the position where the Chairs of the County Steering Groups have been treated as Members of the Executive since the formation of Groups in all Counties in 2016. Although these groups are appointed by the Local Parties in each County, they are technically sub-groups of the Regional Executive and it is essential that they have representation on the Executive for reasons of accountability and communication.

     (7) Any Other Business.



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