People Power beats the Prime Minister

At around Midday yesterday, I heard that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, was in Eastbourne walking the streets of Upperton Ward. Obviously the game-plan was for the Tories to win back Upperton from our splendid Lib Dem county councillor and dear friend of mine, Pat Rodohan.

At first I was somewhat nonplussed by the Prime Minster's surprise, though I'm happy to welcome anyone to our wonderful town - I remember last time just before the general election David Cameron, spookily, paid us a visit as well (I wonder why?). But I knew  Pat had been  working really hard for the residents of Upperton and the feedback we had, indicated he was in a strong position to retain his seat. So what was going on I asked myself?

And then of course twigged....

The Conservative National Party were heavily targeting Upperton below-the-wire yesterday with numerous telephone calls, probably using a professional call centre, to get to as many non Lib Dem voters as possible and tell them the PM was in their Ward and if they want stability, strong government blah blah, the voter should go out right now and vote Conservative.

And it became clear to me this effort was working, which is not surprising as it's one hell of a large hammer to crack one relatively small nut in the great scheme of things, so what was going on and how were we to respond??

To answer the former, it's obvious that the fantastic levels of support I've received from across town has seriously rattled the Tories, and secondly we had to come up with something pretty spectacular to see off such a forensic and extensive use of resource from the Tories. And as we all know folks, money to pay for people to make squillions of phone calls for them would be a drop in the ocean!

So I went out to the team to ask they drop everything and head toward Upperton to get our vote out. I went onto FB to ask Eastbourne to join us in fighting off this cynical tactic of effectively buying a Ward election just so the PM can look good, and for the current MP to be able to say she was on course to hold her seat on June 8th.

And the town responded astonishingly. People flooded in. Our volunteers knocked on doors long into the evening, we told them what was happening and needed them to vote for Cllr Rodohan, and they did.

Today at the count we beat the Conservatives - and Pat actually increased his majority. We also saw a substantial increase in our vote on the top of the boxes as they were opened. Often by a factor of 8 to 2. These would have come in just over the last few hours before the polls closed as a result of our huge efforts in the final straight!

Thank you if you were one of those who helped.

In Eastbourne yesterday, people power beat the Prime Minister....

Below is a Facebook live video I recorded earlier today to express my enormous gratitude to all those who helped us retain our excellent county councillors here in Eastbourne. Thanks all.

But we don't stop there; Tomorrow (Saturday) we have another Action Day and another 45,000 new leaflets to deliver with my message of why, God willing, I should be returned as your MP on June 8th. With your help I am sure we can continue bucking the national trend.

Please come along to the Action Day if you can to help, even if just for the morning or the afternoon. You can even take some newsletters home with you to deliver during the week (what fun!!). It will just be brilliant to see so many people there, as we take the next step in our fight to regain this seat.

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