Norman Lamb speaks out on the junior doctors strike

Commenting on the junior doctors strike, former health minister and Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Norman Lamb said:

"The root cause of this dispute is the chronic financial crisis facing the NHS and the Government's determination to stretch already over-strained resources too far.

"This is why junior doctors are so angry and frustrated. There's a real danger that patients are put at risk during the week as the Government forces doctors to work more hours at weekends.

"More strikes could be very damaging given that services are already under intolerable pressure. I therefore repeat my call to the Government to agree to an urgent cross party process aimed at achieving a new settlement for the NHS and care. I also urge the BMA to add their weight to our call.

"The cross party process should then engage with both staff and the public. We have the sixth largest economy in the world. We should be capable of better than this.

"There's no reason why we can't achieve a modern, highly effective NHS and care system but the Government will have to work with others to achieve that."


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