Norman Baker MP pushes for supermarkets to do more to protect dairy farmers

Norman Baker MP for Lewes is urging the government and supermarkets to do more to protect dairy farmers from sharp falls in milk prices.

Norman is concerned that farmers are being forced out of business, a view being shared by The Commons’ Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee which said farmers were forced out of business every week by factors beyond their control.

Norman says “While supermarkets are raking in record profits, dairy farmers are being screwed into the ground, forced to sell their product at less than the cost to produce

Supermarkets also have a moral duty to ensure their suppliers are not having the screws turned to force unfair prices that do not meet the costs of supply

“Clearly, the current system is not currently working in the best interest of all dairy farmers and I agree with the report and are calling for the Groceries Adjudicator to further improve the relationship between dairy farmer and supply chain, including supermarkets.

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