FILL IN THE CONSULTATION - RE: Milton Grange and Firwood House

East Sussex County Council have now released the public consultation into their proposed closure of Milton Grange and Firwood House. You will be unsurprised to learn that it is fiendishly complicated and confusing - one of 8 different surveys - and in pretty impenetrable language frankly. I do wonder sometimes - shades of Yes Minister - if bureaucracy generally tries to make it difficult for people to express their view. In this case that both of these outstanding dementia respite, care and rehab service providers MUST be kept open.

Anyway, I’m not having that, so I’ve had one of my team read through the whole document and pull out the key Milton Grange/Firwood House section of the consultation and pasted the link below. Please do fill it in. It’s ludicrously clunky but don’t give up. Complete online, giving all necessary details of why you believe each Home should be kept open along with your address details and then send off to the County Council. It is SO important we fight these proposed closures on every front and I need as many readers of my newsletter as possible to fill in the consultation survey because if at the end of this whole process County Hall can truthfully say only a few hundred have bothered to complete the consultation, then we may have a problem. It’s the way these things work, which is why I need thousands of people to complete the consultation across Eastbourne, Willingdon and beyond. The fight to keep these two brilliant service providers open is really important for our town - so please help me keep up the pressure. The online Milton Grange/Firwood House consultation is this link: After filling it in please also ask all your friends to do the same, and for them to ask their friends locally as well. We can stop this wrongheaded proposal I am sure of it, but we will only do it by working the Eastbourne way - together!

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