Local businesses face unfair competition from tax-dodging firms says Lib Dem candidate Sarah Smith

"Small businesses are trading with one arm tied behind their back. They don't have access to 'non-dom' status and off shore tax havens. But they are up against companies who do, and that's not fair" says Sarah Smith, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Dover & Deal.

Smith who started and ran retail and construction businesses in the district for 25 years is calling for a levelling of the playing field for small traders.

"So far the tax authorities have been pretty feeble in stopping corporate tax avoidance, but while we wait for them to up their game we can use consumer power to support small businesses and show what we think of corporate tax dodgers.

Smith calls for a Fair Tax kitemark for small businesses

"Just as firms can show their green credentials or have an 'Investors in People badge' we need a 'Fair Tax' kitemark - something you can put in your window and be proud of. And customers can decide to spend their money there knowing that none of it is going offshore through dodgy schemes.

"There is a new tax kitemark for large companies but it is too cumbersome for smaller businesses and this is something I want to discuss with the Federation of Small Business and the Tax Justice Network.

"Small businesses are the backbone of this country and they deserve our support." says Smith.

The Fair Tax Mark, aimed at large companies, has been devised by Fair Tax a non-profit Community Benefit Society that brings together ethical consumers and businesses by bridging the gap between corporate responsibility and the wider tax justice movement. It is supported by investor members.http://www.fairtaxmark.net/




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