Lib Dems win Holmwoods by-election


Electors in the Holmwoods gave the Lib Dems a resounding thumbs-up by electing Claire Malcomson and Clayton Wellman as their new councillors on Mole Valley District Council. Claire and Clayton join District Councillor Wayne Monkman and County Councillor Stephen Cooksey as the Lib Dem team representing the area.

Claire came top of the poll with 804 votes, followed by Clayton with 768. The Conservatives got 492 and 458, followed by UKIP (201 & 180) and Greens (105 & 78).

The election was postponed from May following the sad death of Mick Longhurst. There were two vacancies as the previous UKIP councillor had resigned after a single year as a Councillor.

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