Lib Dems say: "County Council must ditch controversial plans for Surrey's tips

Liberal Democrats are calling on the Conservative administration at County Hall to ditch their controversial plans for changes to Surrey's tips as they would increase fly tipping across the county. 

Cllr John Orrick, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition on Surrey County Council, said: 

"The County Council's recent consultation about Surrey's tips angered many residents because the changes would increase fly-tipping. The proposed changes included charging for disposing of DIY waste at the tips, reducing their opening hours or even closing some of them.

"The wording of the consultation only gave unacceptable options that would make it more difficult for residents to recycle or dispose of waste at Surrey's tips. It gave no opportunity for residents to say that the tips should stay the same or improve. 

"Fly-tipping is already a big problem in Surrey with rubbish being dumped on land and roads. Not only is it a blight on Surrey's beautiful countryside, but it is hugely costly for landowners such as the National Trust, as well as district and borough councils, to clear up the mess. These so-called 'savings' would just push the costs onto others. 

"Surrey residents should send a message to the County Council telling them to ditch these unacceptable changes to the tips. Residents can show their opposition by signing the online petition on the County Council's website." 

Cllr Orrick concluded: 

"I hope that the Conservative administration will listen to Surrey residents and drop these misguided changes."

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