Lib Dems: It’s time for a compulsory levy on gambling firms

The Liberal Democrats have today renewed calls for a compulsory levy on gambling firms following GambleAware’s announcement that the 2018/2019 voluntary levy has raised less than the minimum £10 million asked for.

The Liberal Democrats have long argued a compulsory levy should pay towards the cost of research, education and treatment for people with gambling problems.

Liberal Democrat Peer, Lord Foster of Bath, said:

“I’m pleased that GambleAware has listed all the donations they have received so we can see, for example, that SkyBet, 888 and BetFred are notable by their absence. Bet365 has also given less than the recommended 0.1% of the Gross Gambling Yield.

"These companies make huge profits and must surely be forced to pay towards dealing with the misery their operations can cause for some people.

“The compulsory Horse Race Betting Levy raises almost 7 times more money to support horse-racing than the voluntary betting levy raises to help people.

“The time has now come to force ALL gambling companies to pay up. Or does the government believe “four legs good, two legs bad."

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