GTR and Southern Rail

On Monday in Parliament, Chris Grayling MP, the Secretary of State for Transport, was being used for football practice, figuratively speaking, and was kicked around the Chamber by players from all sides as he defended his utterly shambolic oversight of the new timetable chaos.

What made it so different this time was that MPs from all sides lined up to lambast him and the rail timetable fiasco. Including the former Minister for Defence Sir Michael Fallon and Nicolas Soames. Neither of whom are anything but loyal Conservatives. They were also joined by a dozen or so of their own colleagues so I think the end may be nigh for Mr Grayling. He started his ministerial statement a little earlier than we had anticipated so by the time I got to the Chamber he’d just sat down, so I asked another MP to sum up what he’d said in his ministerial statement: he obliged pithily with “It's all a complete shambles - but none of it is my fault.” 

The House was not impressed frankly. It is clear action needs to be taken quickly to address the more absurd changes to the timetable, which many of you have notified me about. So over the last few days I’ve been busy to try and resolve this for Eastbourne.

I've already had meetings with the Rail Minister, Jo Johnson, Southern Rail/GTR and Network Rail. All have promised to get back to me with steps they will be taking to improve our local situation. I’ll keep up the pressure.

Click below to watch Stephen being interviewed about Southern Rail -

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