Gosport Inquiry - Point of Order

Local resident, Mrs Gillian McKenzie, came to me a decade ago with shocking allegations about what she believed had gone on at the Gosport War Memorial NHS Hospital, particularly on the Ward run by Dr Jane Barton. The subsequent Gosport Inquiry, led by Bishop James Jones, into those claims concluded last month that at least 460 patients died after being given opiate drugs which led to their untimely death. Following the report's release, I immediately wrote to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, urging her government begin the process of starting a criminal inquiry. This was 5 weeks ago.

Parliamentary protocol demands that the Prime Minister responds to an MP's letter within 20 working days and it is now 25 days since I wrote to No 10 but still, at the time of writing, have not received a response. Consequently I raised it in Parliament on Monday as a point of order (See video below). I was pleased the Speaker, John Bercow, shared my dissatisfaction that a reply had not been received, and hoped that by raising it in the House, the government would respond to my letter as a matter of urgency. 

Mrs McKenzie, and all the other relatives, demand and deserve justice.

I believe the government has an absolute responsibility to take the necessary steps so that a criminal inquiry can be implemented into what went on at the hospital. Let’s be absolutely clear here - these people were unlawfully killed and those responsible must face the consequences of their actions. I will continue pushing the PM and her government until they do the right thing.


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