First week back after Recess:

No doubt you’ll have read that Parliament is consumed at the minute with the ongoing saga of Brexit - is the PM’s Chequers plan a dead duck or not - Jeremy Corbyn’s seemingly interminable battle over allegations of anti-semitism, my own Party Leader's proposal to potentially open up the future leadership of the Lib Dems to outsiders, and former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond’s trials and tribulations in Scotland. 

Then I see this morning that Boris Johnson is back on the front page of The Sun for the other activity he’s well known for!!

A lot going on frankly. 

As I said to a young man who was keen to study politics at A-level now that he’s successfully completed his GCSE’s, at least politics can’t be said to be boring at the minute. And that doesn’t even include the ongoing shenanigans across the pond of one Donald J Trump. 

To misquote Matt Chorley from The Times - “This is not. Normal”

Nonetheless, other matters still progress in Westminster and this week one of my colleagues got her upskirting bill through to third reading, which is an important step. This will make it illegal for someone to use their mobile phone to clandestinely take a photo up a woman’s skirt. Something I and many others were horrified to learn has become reasonably common. An awful mix of prurience and technology. 

Well done Bath Lib Dem MP Wera Hobhouse. It’ll be on the statute books soon.

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