ESMS instrumental music service saved from axe!

News broke late last week that it appears East Sussex Music Service instrumental lessons have been saved. I'm absolutely delighted that East Sussex County Council have, finally, made a right decision!

For many months now I and others have been lobbying for them to row back from their initial proposal - to cut this much-loved and important music service.

I’m aware that many of the staff were convinced money could be saved whilst retaining the musical instrument service, because a number had written to me with this information, so we’ve been nonplussed why it appeared that County Hall simply wouldn’t listen to them.

And that ESCC just seemed intent on closure.....

Consequently I wrote again only a few weeks ago, urging Cllr Bob Standley, the Tory Cabinet Lead, to drop his and the Senior Officer’s opposition to the proposals put forward by his own employees. It’s good that he and his colleagues have finally listened to reason, and to the many thousands of members of the public who’ve begged the County Council ‘not’ to shut the much-loved musical tuition service for the county’s children.

It is appalling though that all the other key areas which have been so savagely cut recently by East Sussex County Council such as Firwood House, Home Works, Children's and Adult Social Services, 25% of the counties library network, single parent support, after-school support for disabled children and so much more - could not also have been spared.

Good news for ESMS though. Right decision all round....


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