Chancellor's 'Spring Statement' - what a disappointing non-event it turned out to be!

We had the Chancellor's 'Spring Statement' in Parliament and what a disappointing non-event it turned out to be. Growth raised by .1% to great acclaim by the Conservative backbenchers. Yeh right. This still puts us at the bottom of the G7 and very near the bottom of the whole G20.....wishing on a prayer is a phrase that springs to mind!

Ahead of the announcement to the House, I called on Mr Hammond to 'fix' a couple of the key issues surrounding Universal Credit and WASPI. 

The whole point of Universal Credit is to make work pay, which it did before the Conservatives cut its funding after the Lib Dem’s left government in 2015. The then Chancellor, George Osborne, immediately and stupidly in my view, took an axe to UC's work allowances, slashing them by a shocking £3 billion pounds per year, thus reducing substantially the amount people can earn in low-income work. A genuinely bad decision which the government are having to contend with every day in parliament as UC is rolled out.

I also called on the Chancellor to step up with a transition payment for WASPi women who have been let down so badly by successive governments.

Although he did not meet these calls or, frankly, offer any serious changes, I will continue to lobby the Treasury ahead of the budget in the Autumn. 

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