Caulfield votes against unaccompanied child refugees - again

Maria Caulfield MP, who represents Lewes Constituency, has turned her back on unaccompanied child refugees again, voting against a parliamentary motion to ensure the Government accepts 3,000 children seeking refuge instead of just 350.

The motion went to Parliament on Tuesday 7th March 2017, following outcry when Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, announced two weeks ago the scheme would only admit 350, not 3000 that had been campaigned for at the end of 2016.

Maria Caulfield was lobbied by constituents on the issue, and claimed on social media and her website to support the so-called Dubs amendment. However, in the vote in April 2016, Hansard records Maria Caulfield as voting against the proposals. She then voted for the proposals at the next reading. Today she has voted against, again, denying the vulnerable, unaccompanied children no support from the UK.

There are unprecedented numbers of people fleeing war-torn countries to settle in mainland Europe and the UK. In April 2016, Parliament supported proposals put forward by Lord Alf Dubbs, himself a refugee to England fleeing Germany during the Second World War. However, on Thursday 9th February Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, announced the scheme to home child refugees was coming to a close with just 350 children taken in by the UK.

Kelly-Marie Blundell, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes, who took part in the 10,000 strong Refugees Welcome march in 2016, commented;

“Maria Caulfield has continued to be insincere in her comments on child refugees, going as far as to block constituents on social media who have pointed out her change in voting on this matter.

“We are talking about vulnerable children. Children who just a year ago thought they may be able to seek refuge in the UK, whom the Government are now turning their backs on.

“Constituents have expressed to me their unhappiness with Maria Caulfield's response, and she has let her own constituents down with her vote today.”

“Who would vote to turn away children seeking sanctuary? It beggars belief.”


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