Budget success for the Lib Dems at Lewes District Council

Budget success for the Liberal Democrats and their leader Sarah Osborne at Lewes district council.  All five of Lewes District Council Liberal Democrat Leader Sarah Osborne’s amendments to the Lewes District Council budget were approved with cross-party support this week. Measures include:
1) Special fund of £2.2 million to provide new temporary accommodation for homeless people
2) Introduction of on-street recycling bins
3) Feasibility study to create a trade waste recycling service for small businesses
4) A major environmental initiative to develop new standards in relation to new planning applications and building regulations which will include a range of sustainability measures such as renewable energy for new developments and 'green corridors'
5) A series of events during 2018 to celebrate the Representation of the Peoples Act 1918 where women began to get the vote for the first time. The events would also promote equality and diversity in our society.
Councillor Osborne said: “Punch and Judy politics doesn't achieve anything for the people who elected us. All Councils face huge financial and social challenges, so we must work together where we can to deliver more housing and a cleaner environment and deliver the services our residents rightly expect from us."

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