Antony Hook


Antony Hook is number 2 on the Lib Dem list and will likely be elected if we win around 15% of the vote in the South East.
He brings 16 years experience as a criminal barrister – specialising in prosecuting serious crime, including organised and international. His skills as a lawyer and advocate will enable him to expertly champion the interests of the South East and take on the misleading claims of Brexiteer MEPs like Nigel Farage.

He is also a local councillor and has years of experience in local campaigning. He is Opposition Spokesman on Economic Development on Kent County Council and has successfully campaigned to expose facts about what a hard Brexit will do to Kent and the wider South East.

He has a record of action on the environment and was involved in Faversham becoming a Plastic Free Town in 2019. In May 2019 he led the Lib Dem team to take control of Faversham Town Council for the first time ever.
He is aged 39 and lives in Kent with his wife and baby daughter.