A petition to Number 10

On Thursday, 7th June I visited No 10 Downing Street to hand over a petition asking the government clarify the rules around county councils providing transport for disabled children over 16. You may remember a year of so ago a local woman, Leanna Forse, who was a teacher, had been put into an invidious situation by East Sussex County Council, when they refused to pay the transport costs for her son Billy to stay at school after he turned 16 years. This despite the government changing the law so that everyone now has to either be in education or training ‘up to’ the age of 18.

The problem is that they didn’t change the statutory regulations for councils to provide the transport for severely disabled children. It was discretionary. Some councils do this, such as West Sussex whilst others don’t. East Sussex being one of them!

Tragically this lead to Leanna having to give up her job as a teacher so that she could take Billy to school. An absolutely crazy situation which simply must be addressed so other parents don’t have to go down the same road.

Consequently I joined Leanna, her son Billy, the excellent disability charity whose been supporting them, Contact, and another Mum with her disabled daughter from Coventry. It’s clearly a national issue!

We all delivered the petition to Theresa May at No 10 Downing Street this week.

I sincerely hope the PM listens and does the right thing.....



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