Paul Kennedy

Mole Valley District Councillor Paul Kennedy is a former barrister, accountant and actuary with 30 years' experience working in both public and private sectors. He helped develop the citizen’s pension policy introduced by the Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government to give pensioners dignity and security in retirement. Paul now wants to use his professional experience as a full-time MP to serve the people of Mole Valley.

Paul is passionate about the environment, education and local democracy. He is a member of the Green Liberal Democrats, and his eldest daughter teaches science at a large comprehensive school. He strongly opposes Tory plans for more fracking and runways in the South-East and to build a new town in Surrey's Green Belt, as well as cuts to schools and NHS funding. Paul led a successful campaign to protect community services at Leatherhead Hospital during a review in 2015. He represents Fetcham West on Mole Valley District Council where Liberal Democrats form the main opposition.

Paul campaigned for Britain to remain in Europe. He wants to safeguard Britain's interests in the Single Market, and protect the rights of EU citizens here and of British citizens abroad. Given the closeness of the referendum result, he believes the people, not politicians, should have the final say on any new deal with our European neighbours.

Paul said: “For the majority of Mole Valley residents who want to avoid a disastrous hard Brexit, keep Britain in the single market, and keep our country open, tolerant and united, the only party to vote for is the Liberal Democrats."

Paul lives in Bookham. In his spare time he enjoys sports and sings with a local choir in the Leith Hill Music Festival. He plays for Leatherhead No-Strings in the East Surrey Badminton League and is a Vice-President of Leatherhead Football Club.






Twitter: @PaulKenLD