Morwen Millson

Morwen Millson has lived in Horsham for 35 years. She is married, with two adult sons. A graduate of Newcastle University and a former teacher, she has been a member of West Sussex County Council for 28 years, was a School Governor, and has supported several youth schemes. 

Horsham Constituency faces a funding crisis for both local schools and older people’s care. Local schools receive about £402 less per pupil than those in other parts of the country, and have been forced to cut staff and maintenance to balance their budgets. Children have just one chance at education; the Government is letting them down. 

Good social care for older people improves lives, reduces emergency admissions to hospital and limits the impact of such emergencies on the wider National Health Service. Liberal Democrats believe that merging Elderly Social Care and NHS services for older people could reduce red tape, releasing funds for better home care and for mental health services.

Horsham has a shortage of affordable housing for local workers, and a lack of appropriate homes for older people who want to downsize. New housing developments should address these areas. Well-maintained roads, cycle routes and pavements contribute to a healthy local economy, and to the well-being of residents. They should be an integral part of planning across the area. Reliable rail routes into London are crucial to commuters.

A keen walker, enjoying the historic and natural environment of the local area, Morwen is against fracking and supports expansion of renewable energy. She applauds the Balcombe community project to roll out renewable energy projects around Balcombe.

The Conservatives’ focus on the hardest possible Brexit will hit the country’s economy through loss of trade with the EU and elsewhere, whilst their overall distraction from domestic issues will have repercussions down the years.