Matthew Winnington

Matthew has been an active campaigner in Fareham for a number of years and is standing for the second time for the parliamentary seat having stood previously in 2015.

Matthew is a support worker for a local charity and has been a councillor in neighbouring Portsmouth for five years. This gives him an insight of the negative impact the Conservative government and Conservative run councils are having on ordinary people and, most importantly, the strong voice that local Lib Dems give to local people against the callous policies and cuts pursued by Conservatives.

Matthew has extensive campaigning experience and has been supporting local residents against the development of Welborne which will have a devastating impact on local communities and against other negative developments across the Fareham constituency.

Matthew will continue too to campaign for better transport links for Fareham, especially bus and rail which has been too often forgotten by the government and the Conservative controlled Hampshire County Council. A keen cyclist, Matthew wants to promote and invest in far better, safer, cycling routes in Fareham which will help improve quality of life, health and help reduce congestion across the constituency.

Matthew works closely with the Lib Dem team of councillors in Fareham who are the only effective opposition on the council and work tirelessly for their constituents.

In the aftermath of the EU referendum Matthew has been outspoken against the Hard Brexit being pursued by Theresa May and her Conservative Government, ‘Hard Brexit will cause huge job losses across Fareham and the rest of South Hampshire and the arrogant attitude taken by Theresa May and her government will drive us down that path if they are left with a free hand. Only sensible, level-headed, liberal voices can put a brake on Hard Brexit and I want to be one of those voices, standing up for the best interests of the people of Fareham and the UK in Parliament.’



Twitter: @mwinnington

 07984 921720