Joel Kemp

Joel lives in the centre of Bexhill where he grew up, attending King Offa Primary School and then Bexhill High School. Joel played sports across the area in his youth including for Little Common and Bexhill Town. He works locally at Hastings Direct, where he has worked for over 5 years.

Joel believes he can represent a growing change in British politics. Along with following politics he loves to cycle and play tennis and follows sport with a passion. He can often be found reading or spending time with friends and family.

He has lived in the constituency all of his life and is eager to learn more about the history and culture of all aspects of the constituency. Although on a steep learning curve Joel is excited by the challenges to come.

Joel has worked on campaigns across the South East including the parliamentary elections of 2015 in Eastbourne but also Maidstone. Furthermore, he worked with the Hastings & Rye Liberal Democrats in the Hastings Borough elections of 2016. As a believer of a United Kingdom in the European Union, prior to the referendum Joel worked hard for the Remain campaign across the constituency.

He believes that the Liberal Democrats are now the true opposition to the Conservative government. He feels with Labour in their current position, the Liberal Democrats are now the true representatives of a forward thinking Britain.