Francis Oppler

I have lived in the constituency since I was two, it has been where I have grown up, gone to school, worked and had my significant life experiences.

I have served as a Councillor since 1989, and have been elected on all three tiers of local government, most recently having been re-elected as a County Councillor for Bognor Regis East, with a majority of over 300!

Having been a councillor for nearly thirty years, gives me a clear insight into the needs of our community. I can understand the struggles many families experience, as I was raised in a single parent family and in the 1990’s was made redundant and unemployed for six months.

To represent the residents of Bognor Regis and Littlehampton would be a great privilege, I believe I can give a voice to the majority of people that feel left out of decisions and government. I would fight to ensure that local schools get a fair share of funding, the pensions triple lock must remain to ensure that pensioners are not forced back into poverty and as a nation we must invest in environmentally forms of energy. As the local MP, I would do all I could to encourage the building of affordable homes on brown field sites, however, I do not support Conservative Arun’s local plan, which is to build thousands more houses in Littlehampton and Bognor Regis, much of it on grade 1 agricultural land. It will also devastate, local wild life.








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